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Something about us from a little bit of different perspective

Q&D Control is a spanish enterprise specializing in quality control for all purchases from China. Our specialty are the construction materials, but we can manage any king of product. The main goal is to control and ensure the quality of assets as well as the logistics and delivery. Q&D Control also offers a product sourcing service in order to provide a comprehensive solution for obtaining the best deals from China.

With offices located in the main industrial park of Foshan (Guangdong), Q&D Control spreads accross all of China, with a very skilled and profesional team focusing on making sure clients requirements and expectations are met.

Pre-payment conditions and the low reliability of other vendors, makes purchasing from China a very challenging process. Q&D Control is your best business partner in China. Our team includes spanish and chinese personnel, which allows a very rapid and fluid communications and the perfect engagement betwen the client and the actual provider.

Another value added is the design. Our own team is able to provide the best and most exclusive design for catalogs, marketing materials and ceramic products. This brigs a great flexibility to OEM productions, which can be totally adapted and personalized to the client's requirements.