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Quality Control

We can ensure you get exactly what you are expecting.

The quality control is done from our technical department in three main steps:

  • Product inspection; complete and thorough quality control product that is applied directly on production line (when the product has not been produced yet) or inspected in the stock (when the product has been produced). technically the product according to customer quality standard or international standard is validated. Continuous feedback and customer contact for resolution of doubts. Our European mentality helps us connect and empathize with the customer quickly for a quick understanding of their needs and requirements. TECHNICAL AND PHOTOGRAPHIC REPORT INCLUDES.
  • Inspection of the packaging; and the product is inspected is also done with the packaging for proper presentation of the product in terms of embedded pallets and packaging that also helps us (the box design and respect for the corporate colors of the client controls) minimize breakage and damage may occur during the maritime or land transport. TECHNICAL AND PHOTOGRAPHIC REPORT INCLUDES.